21 sep

Waar kies je voor: meer tijd of meer geld?

Kies jij voor extra geld of voor extra tijd? Interessant artikel en interessante vraag;

Deze interessante vraag wordt uitgebreid beschreven in de NYTIMES.com. Het zet tot denken, wat kies JIJ? Een prisoners dilemma of toch niet?

Given the choice between more time or more money, which would you pick? For a beach vacation, you might pay more for a direct flight to gain a couple of extra hours getting sand between your toes. On the other hand, you might take a better-paying job that requires late nights at the office.

Kies je voor meer geld of meer tijd?One of us, Professor Hershfield, recently faced such a choice. He was invited to teach a weekend seminar out of state. But he had a baby girl at home, born 12 weeks earlier. The pay would offset the costs of child care, but the job would require two days of not oohing, aahing and bonding with the baby.

The value of the money was easy to quantify. But it was harder to put a value on the amount of time that would be lost with the family. He determined that there were only 222 weekends left before the baby would start kindergarten, when quality family hours would give way to car pools to friends’ houses.

Which would lead to greater happiness — the money or the time?

For a research project, we put this question to more than 4,000 Americans of different ages, income levels, occupations and marital and parental status. In a paper in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, which we wrote with our student Uri Barnea, we found that most people valued money more than time. Sixty-four percent of the 4,415 people we asked in five surveys chose money.

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